Chmmr - AUTO



2x12" Vinyl lp D

Full Pupp / FPLP013

Front View : Chmmr - AUTO (2X12 INCH LP) - Full Pupp / FPLP013
Back View : Chmmr - AUTO (2X12 INCH LP) - Full Pupp / FPLP013

Onboard Having come up with an annual-ish drop of 12inches since 2010, Even Brenden AKA Chmmr set aside the spring of 2016 to challenge himself to a new format: a full-length album. A true nostalgic, he uses Compass Point-era and early Italo sounds for inspiration and attempts to simulate these styles. This makes for a melodic, chuggy and graphic album that belongs a little more in the living room than on the dance floor. With 10 tracks of dusty rhythms and the honest, naive and spacious themes that is Brendens signature, its a record designed to signal that todays technological future may not be as different as yesterdays. Features a nice-looking cover painting drawn by the late Harold Cohens AARON program - automation at its finest. Hidden behind his Chmmr moniker is Even Brenden, whose summery debut found its way into the world via Norwegian psych-disco label Luna Flicks in 2010. The record became somewhat of a soughtafter item and after making pit stops at Relish, Dødpop and Untz Untz Records, he landed on Prins Thomas Full Pupp in 2014 and have stayed put ever since, all the while enjoying a steady habit of record jocking and the occasional keyboard duty in Telephones now-defunct live band. Even resides in Oslo makes odd waves without vowels.

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