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Shogun Audio / SHA108

Front View : Icicle - DIFFERENTIA EP - Shogun Audio / SHA108
Back View : Icicle - DIFFERENTIA EP - Shogun Audio / SHA108

Icicle’s intentions are high as he returns with four brand new inventions that yet again rip up the rule book in favour of pushing the envelope that much further. Travelling from vocally enhanced highs to machine laden low-ends throughout, the ‘Differentia EP’ will leave the audience in awe.

“With my latest EP I've gone just a touch more dance floor than I have for instance with my last album 'Entropy'. We're in the middle of a tech drum & bass boom and I've tried to explore that a bit more but have gone looking for identity within the sound. Hence the name ‘Differentia EP’ which essentially is a sort of philosophical term for the definition of difference. For the A side I've collaborated with Tasha Baxter on a track with a big and cinematic intro describing 'the nothing', the vacuous evil entity out of never ending story, which I think captures the concept and mood of the EP well.” Icicle, 2016 [info from srd]
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