Nico Purman - AOM002.2

Nico Purman


12" Vinyl D

Art Of Memory / AOM002.2

Front View : Nico Purman - AOM002.2 - Art Of Memory / AOM002.2
Back View : Nico Purman - AOM002.2 - Art Of Memory / AOM002.2

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In the spirit of 1960s and 1970s futurism, when tuned in musical explorers developed avant-garde music that reflected Mans newly expanded frontiers temporal and beyond, Berlin based Argentine producer Nico Purman brings us AOM002 on his label Art Of Memory. Themes of exploration, new horizons, and a deepening appreciation of our place in the expanding infinite are the concepts Nico evokes with AOM002.

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Evolving and maturing from functional dance tracks of his past, Purman defines a deep expanse bound only by the imagination of the listener and their openness of mind. Bass moves the soul while synth and space free the mind from earthly confines, lifting off from A1 and leaving you in orbit with D2. Conjuring the workflow of vanguard pioneers, Nico employed the same analog tools and limitations of his New Wave science fiction driven forefathers. Purman succeeds in channeling this deep reservoir while carrying their torch, evolving their lessons with modern eyes, ears, and consciousness. To label Nico’s AOM002 as techno would be tantamount to calling Kubrick’s “2001″ a film or the Saturn V merely a rocket. All are much more than that. They are manifestations of ideas, art, and technology that transport the mind and signal the rise of a new understanding as constraints and boundaries fall. They collectively intend to incite wonder, leave terrestrial confines, and urge you look up at the night sky to wonder ever farther, ever deeper. The late 1960’s and early 1970’s gave us 5 years of moon missions, the first view of our lonely blue dot, the inspiration of math and science, and New Wave science fiction. From this vaulted era Nico seemly pulls to create AOM002, seeking to reinspire us to reach for the stars and welcome the new reality they bring. AOM002 is a conceptual release splited in two parts. [txt from ]
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