Thatmanmonkz - WON HUNNID EP



12" Vinyl UK

Delusions Of Grandeur / DOG39

Front View : Thatmanmonkz - WON HUNNID EP - Delusions Of Grandeur / DOG39
Back View : Thatmanmonkz - WON HUNNID EP - Delusions Of Grandeur / DOG39

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2014 was a big year for Scott Moncrieff AKA thatmanmonkz. Not only did his own label Shadeleaf become firmly established he dropped brilliantly received releases on both Kolour LTD and here on D.O.G.

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Scott has managed to tread that fine line of simultaneously picking up props from all angles and wrecking dancefloors the world over whilst remaining resolutely underground and focused on the more interesting corners of dance music. RA rightly stated that ‘Despite the pivotal part his hometown has played in electronic music history, you can't shake the feeling that if this were the work of some auteur from Detroit, Thatmanmonkz would receive wider recognition from the house community.’ And that is why we love him!

Here on his follow up to last years Don’t Slip EP, he delivers 3 lo-fi, dusty, soul- tinged nuggets which have that unique yet instantly identifiable character only the most talented producers are capable of making. Opener In The Trees featuring the vocals of Kahill Anthony who adds a soulful touch to the raw, bumping groove set up by monkz. The kind of magic track that’ll get lodged in your mind and have the heads clamoring for the info when dropped on a big system. Flip over for Make It Now which treads a more familiar loopy disco path but does so in such fine style that you’ll be coming back to this one time and time again. Finally we have Sad n Blue which drops the deepness with fizzing Detroit padz and killer vox samples giving a nod to the moody one but with a throbbing bassline straight out of the nu school. thatmanmonkz is currently holed up in his studio making tracks for his debut LP which we’re happy to announce will be dropping towards the end of this year here on Delusions. [txt from ]
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