Various Artists - EPHEMERAL NATURE

Various Artists


12" US

Sequencias / seq010

Front View : Various Artists - EPHEMERAL NATURE - Sequencias / seq010
Back View : Various Artists - EPHEMERAL NATURE - Sequencias / seq010

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Sequencias number 10 should give anyone unfamiliar with the label a good idea of what we are about. Three very different artists have given us three very different tracks—collectively forming a sort of manifesto. Experimentation, rhythm and reflection are all given equal weight on this record. As with everything we present, it is all in the service of expressing the flawed and the human.

Nick Lapien returns once again as Metropolis, starting off the EP with the miniature epic "Balefire". Just shy of ten minutes, the beatless undulating cypher flows and fluctuates, its tangle of vibrating arpeggiated melodies whip about gaining momentum, falling into the ether. Brooklyn's Shawn O'Sullivan comes through with "Corypha", a straight up club track showcasing some well-crafted modular treacle over a tough brokenbeat. Mathematics affiliates Echo 106 close out the compilation with the meandering Chicago-facing "Withered Leaves". Tried and true box work merely sets the stage here with haunting melodies at the forefront, floating towards a swell of doleful synths as an emotional coda. [info from label]
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