12" Vinyl D

Echocord 59

Front View : Fluxion - BROADWALK TALES EP - Echocord 59
Back View : Fluxion - BROADWALK TALES EP - Echocord 59

We are proud to release the new ep and 3rd album by Fluxion on Echocord.

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On This ep we have 2 tracks from the CD Album, which are not on the vinyl album. In the beginning of 2013 K. Soublis (aka Fluxion) met Jamaican vocalist Teddy Selassie in NY. After a brief discussion they started exchanging music and lyrics and by the end of 2013, the "Broadwalk Tales" album came to life. It's an album of musical pieces that visit the roots of reggae and dub music with the distinct Fluxion production aesthetic, combining them with more ambient atmospheric tracks as well as techno and more experimental productions. It's this broad musical palette that K. Soublis keeps broadening without loosing his uniqueness. In the words of the artist. "I wanted to make something more than the usual dub techno tracks with a hint of manipulated voices every now and then. Teddy Selassie came in and gave a breath to the whole material, made it more alive, broadening the journey. I also wanted to explore the cinematic perspective over repetitive structures. I try not to repeat myself, and always try something that feels challenging. This ep contains 2 tracks, one instrumental and one with the amazing vocal by Teddy Selassie. [txt from ]
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