Gridlok & Prolix - PROJECT TRENDKILL

Gridlok & Prolix


4x12" Vinyl lp NL

Project 51 / PTK-01 / ptk-01

Front View : Gridlok & Prolix - PROJECT TRENDKILL (4X12 LP) - Project 51 / PTK-01 / ptk-01
Back View : Gridlok & Prolix - PROJECT TRENDKILL (4X12 LP) - Project 51 / PTK-01 / ptk-01

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The new album from long time veterans Gridlok and Prolix has done nothing short of shatter the mold. By using Kickstarter to successfully raise over thirteen thousand dollars, PROJECT TRENDKILL has broken new ground. Not only has this record shown the strength of crowd-sourced funding, but the music has also left an undeniable mark on the scene.

Brutal beats, grungy aesthetics, no-frills, no-nonsense, straight to your guts drum and bass music, designed to disturb dance-floors across the globe. Tested and approved by all the usual suspects, from 'Revenge' appearing on DJ Friction's BBC program as Friction's Fire, to Crissy Criss premiering 'Riot' as his Ace of Clubs. In the clubs it's being battered by everyone from Andy C to Doc Scott and Pendulum to Noisia. Several tracks have already seen exposure on the licensing front also with 2 tunes being used on Andy C's new Nightlife 6 mix compilation as well as UKF showcasing 'Riot'. Drum & Bass Arena have picked up a tune for their next CD and MTV is scheduling placement into several of their reality shows.

Step up, strap in, this is gonna be a dirty ride... [info from tv]
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