Annie Hall


12" Vinyl US

Detroit Underground / detund21

Front View : Annie Hall - ANDOM PARAPHILIA - Detroit Underground / detund21
Back View : Annie Hall - ANDOM PARAPHILIA - Detroit Underground / detund21

Annie Halls new LP Random Paraphilia on Detund explores these experiences through five original tracks with remixes by Richard Devine, Valance Drakes and ERP

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Setting the stage for this intense journey into experimental electronics is Annie Hall‘s track DSM-5 which when spliced and diced in the remix by rhythmic mutilation master Valance Drakes establishes an ache deep inside mind and body. Together they offer a bold introductory to Random Paraphilia. Annie‘s collaboration with Shadow Huntaz in Bandit 28930 adds a male vocal and sets the stage for release of the pent-up pressure, through a remix by none other than Richard Devine, who emerges after months incommunicado from his new Atlanta based studio with Bandit 28930 Remix – a remix for which many around the world have been anxiously awaiting. Prepare yourself for new Richard Devine frequencies creating what we believe to be the most blissfully disturbed / re-aligned symphonic nerve rhythms of aural affect. Annie takes the reigns back pumping a frenetic, raw, experimental sound in Sada Abe. Tables are next given to Convextion aka E.R.P. who captures her snare for a mesmerizing effect in his gorgeous idm electro soul Sada Abe remix. Annie‘s voice and rhythm machines respond with breakbeat-style in Foihtreiu diversifying the set with what only a graceful feminine touch can produce. Rounding the set out is Symphora featuring new synced visual work by CPU Bryant Place, SF based Obscura digital artist, complementing the mystical journey with a visual experience unlike any other. Record Sleeve and promo video are by DMAS3 who once again completes the audio-visual package with elegantly futuristic visual art appealing to our desire for journey far and wide. Annie Hall‘s Random Paraphilia is personal, intimate and political. It is a highly-charged and dynamic 8-track LP beckoning us to explore the world anew. [txt from ]
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