Logotech - SUB LUNAR EP



12" Vinyl IT

Spectral Rebel / SPR001

Front View : Logotech - SUB LUNAR EP (MATTIAS FRIDELL REMIX) - Spectral Rebel / SPR001
Back View : Logotech - SUB LUNAR EP (MATTIAS FRIDELL REMIX) - Spectral Rebel / SPR001

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The first Spectral Rebel Release is signed by Logotech, a Neapolitan talented dj/producer almost became established form many years in the Techno scene for its ability to create unions between the old school soul side of the genre and an ever renewed way to conceive each production.

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A-side opens the release with "To Sma Angribere" a powerful track marked by aggressives and firmed kicks like pistons at full capacity, surrounded by acid scribbles in the deepest space, trait of the fittest Logotech. Mattias Fridell sign the A side with his precious remix, a track which give rise to a simple but psicolabile groove that makes you fall into a trance, escorted by an infinite droned trail scanned by snatchy tolls like ancient gongs. The back side is dedicated to "Sub Lunar Phase II", an ancestral and quasi-sacred plot of acid stabs and trippy pads, almost an ode which consacrate the long journey that is going to take Spectral Rebel's concept. [txt from ]
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