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Front View : Exercise One - TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS (CD) - Exone / exone20cd
Back View : Exercise One - TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS (CD) - Exone / exone20cd

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To mark a decade of their live techno outfit, Exercise One release a new album and series of vinyl remix EPs by friends and fellow travellers from along the road. Choosing 10 remixes for their 10 years of performing live and 9 tracks on the album for 9 years of releasing records.The close duo of Marco Freivogel and Ingo Gansera have spent the past decade recording and performing live as Exercise One, collaborating, remixing and running two independent labels all their own way

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Already seasoned live performers when they met, Marco’s early years were spent absorbed in goth culture & industrial music while Ingo leads a double life as the drummer of a Berlin punk band. These influences fuel their old school Kreuzberg DIY vibe as well as injecting their brand of techno with a warmth and vibrancy that bursts from every exuberant record and infectious performance. Their energy mixed with an abundance of creativity has helped to seal their musical world view, that music production and performance should have a symbiotic relationship.Early on, Exercise One created their own label Lan Muzic, where they put out the first techno releases of Peter Van Hoesen and Philip Sherburne, as well as Donato Dozzy and Jacopo Carreras. Their debut album was released on Anja Schneider’s Mobilee Records, with 12”s over the years on Dumb Unit, Cocoon and Wagon Repair as well as remixes for a host of others too numerous to name. Most recently they have recorded almost exclusively for their former bootleg label Exone alongside collaborators like Mathew Jonson, Matilda, Mike Shannon and Deadbeat. In the last two years Exercise One completely overhauled their live PA, throwing out the computer and returning to the root of techno armed with an arsenal of blustering analog machines. [txt from ]
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