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Sonar Kollektiv / SK266CD /3002662

Front View : Paskal & Urban Absolutes - LUX (CD) - Sonar Kollektiv / SK266CD /3002662
Back View : Paskal & Urban Absolutes - LUX (CD) - Sonar Kollektiv / SK266CD /3002662

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Fine House Husic By Paskal & Urban Absolutes. This Album Will Impress You And Your Future Guests With Awe For Months To Come. Rest Assured.

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The opening track “Take The Fall” indicates nicely which direction the journey with Paskal & Urban Absolutes will take: The sugar sweet, soothing voice of Pete Josef from Bristol (one half of The White Lamp) bids you welcome in a very charming way and the production implies lasciviously that we're standing on the stairway to clubland. Already with the next track “Here Again” we are in the middle of the eye of the storm. Paul Randolph (the official singer of the Jazzanova live band) purifies a true dancefloor banger, that – and this is the big stunt – also works just as well at home. For “White Walls” and “Flieg Los” Alexa Voss of Neve Naive wrote some super catchy lyrics and lends her vocals to the two poppiest songs of the whole album. An album which is rich in pop appeal but never concealing its strong affinity for dance music – as in house, techno and even boogie. Take for instance “Hold Your Head Up” (featuring Kasar), a mysterious hybrid best described imagining the Pet Shop Boys doing deep house together with Hot Chip. Or “The Way”, where we are delighted by the tonsils of Desney Bailey and an arrangement so eager for the bassline that it evokes nothing but smiling faces and the urge to shake your body. Catchiness, positivism and euphoria (the name of one track by the way) – these are the catchphrases that come to mind when listening to this truly mesmerizing debut by one of the most promising new acts in a scene not to be defined by any genre. When second-last track, “Melancholia”, kicks in it's like the end of the best holidays of your life. A perfect Balearic bliss with memories of sitting at the sea, listening to a distant guitar and waving goodbye to a setting golden sun. So long, my friends. [txt from ]
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