Calibre - SPILL


SPILL (3X12 LP + CD)

3x12" Vinyl lp + cd UK

Signature / siglp009

Front View : Calibre - SPILL (3X12 LP + CD) - Signature / siglp009
Back View : Calibre - SPILL (3X12 LP + CD) - Signature / siglp009

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This one took a little longer than expected. Every year for a while I have churned out the collected Consequently After such a time I required a step back, a quiet pause — to define. - I suppose it is just about the floor, but I have always wanted more. I find it hard to articulate what it means to dedicate If anything means anything at all. Sometimes it does, but other nights I am climbing the walls, sSupposing this tempo wasnt a thing. Do you think I could sing the same song that you sing? Triple 12 inch vinyl plus CD copy of the album.

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