Batongo - EL TERCERO



12" Vinyl UK

Degustibus / DEGU009

Front View : Batongo - EL TERCERO - Degustibus / DEGU009
Back View : Batongo - EL TERCERO - Degustibus / DEGU009

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El Tercero Is The Third Of A Series Of Eps Introducing Batongo, Ranging From Obscure Deep To Psychedelic Disco.

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Not much is to be known about Batongo, previously an active euro dance producer, released a bunch of hits in the nineties. 10 years ago, after a traumatic experience he escaped in Perù and retired from the music business, during this years, on his spare time he'd still make a lot of music, not meant for the public, just for himself. Now he is still in Perù, not willing to move back to Europe but barely broke, he sold us the rights on his entire collection of unreleased recordings with condition of not revealing his real identity [txt from ]
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