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Mjazz / mjazz15

Front View : Rawtrachs - RAWTRACHS (TAPE ONLY) - Mjazz / mjazz15
Back View : Rawtrachs - RAWTRACHS (TAPE ONLY) - Mjazz / mjazz15

Warehouse Find ! MJAZZ presents Rawtrachs is a 17-minute ride of beats, bass, noise and rawness. There is an obvious influence of jungle break beats and a f**k off attitude to formulaic music. The music represents freedom from the formula, freedom from restrictions, and most of all the freedom to connect with the Universe via intuitive experiments with sounds. This release is limited to 30 cassettes – the cassettes are blue in a yellow case with a handcrafted cover – each of these covers are different (no two covers are the same). The cassette cases are then packaged up in an extra case which is hand sprayed with the MJAZZ seal of approval – super limited handcrafted packaging! This music is unapologetic and unadulterated – no watered down for the masses business!

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