DC Breaks


12" Vinyl UK

Ram Records / ramm127

Front View : DC Breaks - SHAMAN / LET IT GO - Ram Records / ramm127
Back View : DC Breaks - SHAMAN / LET IT GO - Ram Records / ramm127

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Ladies, gentlemen and bass addicts, please welcome the return of the mighty DC Breaks! The London/Bristol duo have been in deep studio stasis since their speaker-splintering Firez EP last summer, working on a caustic cannon of new material that is going to scorch the trousers off 2013 and beyond. This epic double header is just the beginning, two massive tracks that will satiate to completely different sides of the dance… And remind everyone why we have exclusively signed DC Breaks in the first place.

’Shaman’ taps into the deepest of dancefloor psyches. Referencing the ancient spiritual act of tribal shamanism, this is guaranteed to take your dancefloor to a whole new world. Igniting with an all-out stomp-charged riff, the duo thrown down the weightiest of kicks and hypnotising bass riff that swings with nagging aggression: It’s a surefire way to lock heads deep into the groove before the almighty horns and spiralling psychedelia of the drop whisk everyone in a five mile radius away to facemelting worlds we never knew existed.

’Let It Go’, meanwhile, is the ultimate switch-flipper. Here we find DC Breaks flexing their lushest of sound sets with twinkling arpeggios, heart-melting keys and a dreamy, star-gazing lead line. Dropping into a rabble-rousing half-tempo D&B/dubstep hybrid riff, it’s an instant crowd pleaser. But don’t go thinking this is it…. As the drop unfolds you’ll soon find yourself shocking out to a full turbo-charged version of the riff. Laced with unpredictable pensive energy, this is perfect for those essential moments of agenda setting chaos!

Two incredible dancefloor smashers from two of the scene’s most talented producers. [info from gg]
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