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Subtle Audio / subtle017

Front View : dgoHn - HANG NAIL - Subtle Audio / subtle017
Back View : dgoHn - HANG NAIL - Subtle Audio / subtle017

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dgoHn is one of the artists that best encapsulates the Subtle Audio sound. He offsets heavy breakbeats with an array of smooth keys, strings and vocals, while his arrangements always carry the listener on a journey that is never quite certain but always interesting. These are qualities that have ensured Aphex Twin regularly plays his music at festivals around the world and that dgoHn himself gets booked to play at the most esoteric Drum & Bass nights like Technicality and IChiOne aswell as at eclectic events such as Bangface. “Hang Nail” employs the ubqitious amen but with a crunch and a twist that only dgoHn could provide. The incessant nature of the drums is tempered by a wistful Repetitive synth-line and some kind of weird voice and pipe symbosis (we did say it would be interesting). Rough with smooth was never such a delicate balance! The title of the next track prepares you for the slightly obtuse nature of the music – “4.377445 Yards” has an abundance of melody and some nice male vocals that would be considered overtly saccharin elsewhere but not alongside dgoHn’s railroading breaks and menacing basslines. The off-kilter redeployment of different elements as the tune progresses and the general rhythmical deviancy also ensure that this is no Sunday stroll. Finally “Be Gentle” rounds off proceedings by abandoning the traditional Drum & Bass 4/4 time signature and the unconventional rhythmic structure allows for a unique interplay between the beats, bass and melodics. This is some different business, but then, what did you expect from someone called ‘dgoHn’ ???

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