Clubroot - REMIXES PART 1



12" Vinyl+cd US

Lo Dubs / lodubssr004

Front View : Clubroot - REMIXES PART 1 (INCL. CD) - Lo Dubs / lodubssr004
Back View : Clubroot - REMIXES PART 1 (INCL. CD) - Lo Dubs / lodubssr004

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This, as a remix record, is the fourth in the Lo Dubs Special Series releases, and comes packaged in a black dubplate jacket, hand stamped in silver, including CD.

As for looking at the source material in another way (I.E. the remix), it, for us, is a bit like a skilled actor who is known for comedy who suddenly demonstrates a command of Drama. Each of the tracks, and their elements are so strong, that once we handed them to other artists know for different shades of music, we knew genius would emerge.

SPL – A pillar of Drum and Bass, known the world around for the massive tours he embarks upon as part of the Therapy Sessions, has few a few years been exploring Dubstep, with quite a few major successes in this sound under his belt (“Storm in my Heart”, Masters of Rave”, to name a couple). Here SPL Remixes ‘Sempiternal’ , and in doing so transforms it into a fearsome beast never before imagined.

Bryan Zentz – A singular Name in Techno, with Releases on just about any important label one can name in that genre. He started experimenting with Techno based Dub in the year 2002, but to a large degree kept his prototypes unknown. Here he alloys those discoveries to ‘Dulcet’ with a tinge of dark synth melody akin to 80s minimal wave, with outstanding results.

Kuma – one of the original elevators of the sound in Vancouver BC, who had a featured shout out in the original Breezeblock Dubstep Wars, and has releases on Immerse/ Konspiracy/etc. We hear the hidden ghosts within ‘Dulcet’ with his spooky treatment. [lodubssr004_info from gg]
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