Efdemin - CHICAGO



2x12" Vinyl D

Dial LP 021

Front View : Efdemin - CHICAGO (2LP) (2012 REPRESS) - Dial LP 021
Back View : Efdemin - CHICAGO (2LP) (2012 REPRESS) - Dial LP 021

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2012 Repress !! Here comes the second long awaited Album of Dials Main Act Efdemin! Its the main release for Dial Records in 2010 celebrating 10 Years of Dial Records!

After the huge success of his selftitled debut in 2007 CHICAGO is the second album of the Berlin-based Producer and DJ who releases his music under his moniker EFDEMIN with DIAL Records. CHICAGO is definitely the top match of Dial's 10 Years Anniversary releases. Efdemins new works can be regarded as the turning point of a trend based house and techno scene into a new contemporary anti trend movement already proclaimed by protagonists such as Riccardo Villalobos, Dj Koze, Luciano and many more.
CHICAGO, EFDEMINs second contribution to urban blues, contains ten tracks as a result of Phillip Sollmanns immersion into his own archives and experiences may it be as a singer in a band years ago, composing theatre-music or playing as a DJ in clubs all over the globe. They deal with various influences, although always expressing his unique sense for deepness and his love for dance music. There is Jazz, there is house, there is techno and there are his instruments you can hear: Cello, Zither, Drums, Percussion, Organ, Synths, Drummachines and several small things like flutes and pipes appear here and there without ever walking into the trap of virtuosity.
Besides Techno itself, there are many important influences in EFDEMINs music from different sources and other times - a cosmos of music that has followed him for a long time and influenced his drifting and melancholic approach to producing electronic dance music. Be it the otherworldly music of chicago-based Sun Ra, minimalistic jazz/world-music-studies of Don Cherry, the enterprising tape music of basil kirchin or the microtonal instruments of Harry Partch to name a few of the influences that layed the groundwork leading up to the production of this album.
Is this a chicago-house record? No! But the windy city was the starting point to blow the cosmos with such abstract lovely music developed in a thousand directions. Arts, literature, architecture, jazz, american folkmusic, hip hop - CHICAGO seems to be the source of reference for so many important movements crossing EFDEMINs work. Finally CHICAGO is the title for an album rich in flavors and full of directions into contemporary dance music and the end of the world as we know it.
To quote his favourite pop-band Prefab Sprout:
there is no chicago urban blues (Cruel, Swoon, 1984) [txt from ]
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