The Mole presents Guilty Pleasures - FAMILY / ROTATION

The Mole presents Guilty Pleasures


12" Vinyl D

Internasjonal / INT011

Front View : The Mole presents Guilty Pleasures - FAMILY / ROTATION - Internasjonal / INT011
Back View : The Mole presents Guilty Pleasures - FAMILY / ROTATION - Internasjonal / INT011

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Excellent grooovy Deep Space Stuff


For INT011 we once again bring you the ridiculously funny and quite talented Colin aka The Mole this time joined by close friends under the moniker Guilty Pleasures. This is what he’s got to say. In his own words…. wow, it’s finally out. shit it has been a long time coming. hmm i think this might be my first one sheet. i always laugh at these things. not because they are actually funny but probably because my sense of humour is …well anyway that doesn’t matter …let’s get to it.. family. man have i ever been waiting for this to come out. me and sophie. and a few others who keep on asking … thanks for asking ! i love this song. probably next to the modern deep left record it’s the thing i am most proud of. i feel overwhelmingly proud to have been lucky enough to work with people as talented as sophie trudeau and danuel tate on this song. those two are so heavy i’m still a little in shock. don’t believe me just look up sophie’s cv. heavy duty mama. now i’m wondering what to write without babbling on and on. this is a one sheet after all and i don’t think many people read these right? so if you are reading this… pre-order lots of copies!! you be so glad when it gets into car commercials and a hugh grant rom-com and you can say you saw the potential and sold 400 copies out of your little store. well maybe that’s a little far fetched. i don’t think i’d be proud of spotting the next rom-com theme song. but you should still take the chance and sell hundreds. i think it is shit hot. i’m super proud of it (again i’m saying it). both sides. though of course family is and has been the big fish for some time now. did i already say i’ve been waiting more than 2 years for this to come out? suddenly i feel like i’m at the oscars… i’d like to thank sophie .. for being super cool and doing such excellent work and really being there with me finishing ever little detail on this monster. i’d like to thank dan …for letting me cut his solo ‘with a rusty knife’. mom. of c [info from ]
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