Jarle Brathen - Soder / Takras

Jarle Brathen

Soder / Takras

12" Vinyl D

Full Pupp / FP021

Front View : Jarle Brathen - Soder / Takras - Full Pupp / FP021
Back View : Jarle Brathen - Soder / Takras - Full Pupp / FP021

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Not content with just completing their debut album for Full Pupp, Jarle Bråthen from Ytre Rymden Dansskola unleashes his virgin vinyl 12inch on us. On the A side weve got >Søder<. Though rough and tough on the outside, its just like a Ferrero Rocher… A hard shell but a creamy soft inside…. mmmm…. I love chocolate… On side B theres >Takras< which we previously displayed on last years >Greatest Tits Vol.1< compilation. This time however, youll get it with a proper mixdown from yours truly Skål!!!

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