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Extraction is a compilation series that travels the world to showcase emerging and already established electronic music artists. Each compilation provides a platform for a different region to unite music and scene, which allows the artists to grow together as part of the international electronic music community.


Extraction is a compilation series that travels the world to showcase emerging and already established electronic music artists. Each compilation provides a platform for a different region to unite music and scene, which allows the artists to grow together as part of the international electronic music community.


The first volume of Extraction was the result of time spent and connections made in Argentina. In recent years, many renowned artists have emerged from this beautiful country. Despite the increased attention they get, there still are many difficulties for local artists trying to get exposure in the international scene. The earliest Extraction compilation, which was released in March 2008 aimed to cast a spotlight on established Argentines, we love, and new artists everybody ought to discover.

Extraction Argentina was a great success, gaining attention and support from all over the world. Now, AIRDROP continues the Extraction series showcasing new exciting communities and artists, setting off in our new home, the United States.


From Disco in New York, to House in Chicago, to Techno in Detroit, the United States have been at the forefront of the worldwide dance music scene for almost four decades. While European and Latin American sounds have dominated recent productions, the re-emergence of the stateside underground electronic music scene makes this a perfect time to refocus on the country where it all began.

Economic pressure and mainstream ignorance challenging U.S artists trying to gain wide exposure has pushed many of the finest artists from The States’ and labels to go to Europe and Latin America. Nevertheless, today - possibly more than ever - the U.S scene is pushing towards headlining a global revival. With international artists, promoters and label owners settling in cities like New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, Portland and even Boston, the U.S is growing importance to international electronic music lovers. For Extraction U.S we have carefully compiled this new generation of artists on the rise: Artists who have gained exposure for their exceptional music or performances but whose full potential has not yet been recognized by the international community. In some respects many of these artists shaping their local communities are hidden gems - until now.


Alland Byallo –
Alland Byallo is one of the busiest people in San Francisco, and he has the goods to prove it. Alland an internationally renowned DJ, producer, and the founder of the Nightlight Music label has also made a strong name for himself as a promoter of electronic music and key figure in the US scene. The ElektrUS group Alland created, aims at facilitating North American tours for international talent, which in turn creates a growth of the US scene’s presence abroad. Alland Byallo often hosts such international guests at the legendary Kontrol parties he is a part of.

Constar –
Constar is DJ Connie’s alias for her production works. As a DJ, Connie stands as the leading woman figure of the New York underground dance music scene. Having played around the country and the globe with the most respected talents, Connie continues to make a name for herself as a resident for ReSolute NYC, a top underground electronic music party, where she takes care of bookings with her partner in crime, Elon. It is an honor for AIRDROP to showcase her first released production on this compilation.

Crazy Larry –
With no rave scene and virtually no radio support in most American markets, kids like Crazy Larry were forced to discover the wonders of dance music on their own accord. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Larry Ursini is a young talent that has no fear when it comes to new technology and embraces it fully. Upon graduating from high school Larry enrolled in the Audio Engineering program at CU Denver. He also started doing his own Live PA in January of 2006, debuting in NYC for his closest friend in dance music, Taimur Agha. The live performance incorporates vintage drum machines; live home made plug-ins, and even the Nintendo Wii! Larry also teamed up with Pier Bucci while he was in town for a gig, and they subsequently released a joint EP under the Glacier moniker for Wagon Repair. If you’re after quality rather than chart topping hits, you’ll definitely want to give Crazy Larry a listen. Watch out for his upcoming record on AIRDROP in early 2009…

Elon –
It did not take Elon a long time to go from being a DJ to one of the most sought after emerging producers of the US scene. Elon fused his instrumental background, guitar and bass, with innovative sound engineering to create an unmistakable sound: splattered reverb and juicy metallic swing. He calls it “post minimal”! His productions have been released on major labels such as Clink, Dumb Unit or Made to Play.

J.Phlip –
Jessica Rose Phillippe was born in the small town of Champaign, Illinois, two hours south of the Chicago conurbation, and now lives in SF. J.Phlip’s origins and new home account in a big way for the nature of her style: a unique blend of house, techno and hyphy. J.Philip releases her productions on San Francisco’s Dirtybird and she makes a fantastic contribution to the potent local scene.

Lunatik –
Great electronic music can emerge in unexpected places - Omaha, Nebraska is one of them. This has not stopped Lunatik from making a name for himself by promoting events with international talent and producing music for top labels including Leftroom and his own Wreckless imprint. He truly is producing some crazy music, incorporating elements of techno and house, making use of driving patterns and treating vocals in a brand new way to accentuate the deep and fast moving rhythms. It all fuses together in an almost spacey snap-pop-and-drop way that makes dance floors break into a frenzy.

Marcel Wave –
Tanner Ross is just one of those super-producers. He has an ear like no other, has developed his own unique styles, and keeps everyone waiting to hear what’s next. Tanner has different aliases depending on his musical mood: his Voodeux moniker translates a super dark spooky stripped down techno sound, while the name Marcel Wave is characteristic of a sunnier and somewhat deeper atmosphere. Currently finishing his degree at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, this has not stopped Tanner from finding time to release EP’s for some of the most respected labels: Dirtybird, Mothership, Freerange, and soon Spectral. Tanner has played along many of the most talented artists in the US, such as Matthew Dear or Claude VonStroke.

Nicolas Jaar –
A very young talent with a recent release on the NYC based Wolf+Lamb label, Nicolas Jaar is already receiving praise from top artists such as Ryan Crosson or Lee Curtiss. Having lived in Chile and of an international background, Nicolas has a natural appreciation for the likes of Luciano, Villalobos and other South American talents. Like them, Nicolas is fusing orchestral organic music with electronic patterns, and does it passionately out of his University dorm room! So watch out as Nicolas dives into what the future of electronic music will look like very soon, blending Latin influences with traditional western conventions.

Pat Fontes –
Pat’s knowledge of electronic music has made him into what many have stated as a ‘connoisseur of sorts’. Pat’s style of DJing and production is an utterly unique and healthy mixture of house and techno genres, sometimes going beyond into a more experimental approach. Pat was brought up in a Boston suburb by his Portuguese mother. With now over a decade of DJing experience he was also the former owner and manager, of now legendary Satellite Records Boston. Being quoted by his peers as “Mr. Techno”, Pat is a walking encyclopedia of electronic music. In addition to his newfound AIRDROP familia, Pat has released on such labels as Thoughtless Music or Monism.

Soul Clap –
By harnessing the past Soul Clap looks to the future, with forward thinking productions and remixes, creative DJ sets and some of Boston’s best dance music events. Each summer they organize the highly praised Dancing On The Charles and, every Wednesday they host Midweek Techno, Boston’s longest running techno night. Soul Clap released their first two vinyl records on AIRDROP, The Giraffe and die Ente, receiving remixes by Franco Cinelli and Tanner Ross respectively. With remixes coming out on Mental Groove, Fade and OM Records and with their new “Puppycrak” EP on AIRDROP (featuring a remix by Mikael Stavöstrand) you will keep hearing about them. Always pushing new boundaries, always traveling through time and space, Soul Clap truly is the Great White Hope.

Stefny –
Stefny Winter is a beautiful dreamer originally from the West Coast who has since settled in New York City, with a recent release on Dietrich Schoenemann’s Addon label, the Radiolaria EP, and more recent work for Pheek’s Archipel imprint. From the natural organic creatures at the bottom of the sea to the more troubling sounds of the city, Stefny finds her inspiration in the resonances of planet earth, giving them a musical identity with her productions. Don’t let the innocence fool you, Stefny has been DJing for over a decade and her dark yet funky rhythms are sure to enchant you. [airdrop-pressetext from ]
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