Speedy J - RED SHIFT

Speedy J


12" Vinyl D

Electric Deluxe / EDLX001

Front View : Speedy J - RED SHIFT - Electric Deluxe / EDLX001
Back View : Speedy J - RED SHIFT - Electric Deluxe / EDLX001

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Excellet Spooky dark Detroit infected Tracks

DJ Support

Agaric (We Are): “Just to say the Speedy J record is awesome. Proper techno finally!”
Alexi Delano (ADltd, Audiomati: “I LOOOOVE IT! Just played both trax over the weekend and they worked wonders. 100% support. - Thanks for sending it my way. - Alexi ”
Brendon Moeller (Third Ear / E: “# ! position on my RA chart... - this is a fucking brilliant 12"! ;)”
C-Rock (Cocoon): “Red Shift - that's the one, retro future minimal ;) give us more of this!”
Cassy (Ostgut-Ton/ Hardwax): “ach die speedy j nummer ist super!!!!!!!!”
Cio D’Or (Female Pressure): “an absolutely purism techno burner ! - 02 i lreally ike the “untypical” surprises dramaturgy in this track with deepness.wow! ”
Dave Mothersole (Swag, Ministr: “wicked track. proper dark psychedelic techno. excellent”
DJ Hostage (M8 Magazine): “Well, what can I say about this? Not only is this techno legend, Speedy J's, first single since 2006, but it is also the first release on his new digital only label (some may be released on Plus 8). Anyone who has heard Speedy J will know that this guy is into his minimal stuff and that is exactly what you get here. 'Red Shift' is classic minimal techno with all the right automation (not too much and not too little) to make this an absolute beast. 'Bootes' on the flip is a broken beat track that is tough yet very trippy. M8/M8 ”
Douglas Greed: “great tune, really dig the deep and dirty mood... lets bring techno back into the basements!!!!”
Dubfire (Desolat): “UNREAL!!! Both trax!!! Been the highlight of my sets the last few days:-) Please give the man my regards and respect! - ”
Electric Indigo (Indigo:inc): “wirklich sehr cool! beide tracks sind sehr speziell, effizient und deep zugleich, das ist diesmal mein absoluter favorite von den releases! bootes find ich fast noch besser als red shift. ”
Gianni Vitiello (Aroma): “red shift is amazing YEAH!!!! - support!”
Heiko Laux - Kanzleramt: “fette platte. wird gleich am WE gezockt. beide mixes rocken absolut. ”
IDJ Magazine: “We haven’t heard too much from Jochem Papp aka Speedy J since his Collabs album with Chris Liebing on Novamute a couple of years ago, but with the creation of his own new Electric Deluxe label it appears he’s going to be on the radar a little more in the future. - ‘Red Shift’ is a slow and meandering example of deep and dark techno that subtly builds with a simple yet very effective hook and will please fans of the Speedy J sound, while B Side ‘Bootes’ is a little more soulful and laidback… one for the back rooms. ”
Ion Ludwig (Quagmire, Resopa: “The speedyJ tracks are really nice. Love to hear that his analog productions enter the zone of timeless works. Simpel and functional! ”
Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza): “Love the whole Speedy J EP, quality as usual!!!”
Laurent Garnier: “Jochem as great as ever - full support as usual from me!”
Len Faki (Len Series, Bergha: “red shift ist absolut genial, wird eine lange zeit - mit mir sein, das ist sicher! danke! ”
Material Object (Karateklub): “Another wicked drop. love the huge deep, brooding sound ”
Maxim Terentjev (PastaMusic /: “Speedy J = Platte des Jahres !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”
Misc. / Niederflur (Sender/K: “jochem is definitely back! ”
Oliver Huntemann (Confused): “Fantastic move from Speedy J. ”
Pan-Pot: “i like the speedy j tracks. very nice developing tracks”
Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe R: “really cool release from speedy j, good to see him back in action, and looking forward to hear more from his label! ”
Pär Grindvik (Spectral Sound): “like both tacks and may play "red shift" during peak time! ”
Raveline: “ Nach gut und gerne zwei Jahren relativer Funkstille gibt es endlich wieder neues Material von Altmeister Speedy J (alias Jochen Paap) zu entdecken. „Red Shift" stampft in gesetztem Tempo durch metallische Pling-Wolken, die sich zunehmend ausbreiten und eine spannungsgeladene Atmosphäre kreieren, die einem trotz ihrer maschinellen Kälte die Schweißperlen auf die Stirn zu treiben vermag. Sehr fesselnd! „Bootes" schmeißt sich im Anschluss in einen gebrochenen Beat hinein, der dumpf rumpelnd durch eng verwobene und geheimnisvoll glühende Sphären treibt, während überdimensionale Raumschiffe ihre Triebwerke aufbrausen lassen. Mit über zwölf Minuten Spielzeit ist diese Nummer für meinen Geschmack allerdings etwas zu lang geraten. A: 5 Points Achim ”
Remute / Error Error (Areal,: “Speedy J is one of the greatest techno-sound-designer ever! - the atmosphere of both tunes is absolutely amazing and breathtaking. - i adore all the work of Speedy J. ”
Rodriguez Jr (Leena-Giant Whee: “1 Red Shift - Beautiful textures. Can't stop diving into this one. 2 Bootes - Long and hypnotic, with a lot of tension. Nice for the peak times. Will play it massively. Brilliant production. Thanks. ”
Russ Gabriel (Mobilee, Thump): “Amazing record. Deep, innovative and extremely well produced. Made my day! Thanks again, Speedy J. Full support. I have used Speedy J's "Redshift" and the Funcion mix of "Violencia" in an exclusive DJ mix for Ibiza Voice. ”
Ryan Elliott (Spectral): “I really am feeling the speedy j. Both cuts are deep and nasty, perfect for a strange break in the peak time. Thanks as always for sharing such excellent music. - c I love this release. Both tracks worked great last weekend, they are in my crate for the rest of this year! really reminds me of the stunning remix he did for SD records last year. pure class as always ”
Savas Pascadilis (Int. Deejay: “cool new stuff from speedy j. very mental and hypnotising. ”
Tony Rohr (Clink, Weave): “i lost myself in "red shift" the title track. in the day and age of multi-track layering during a dj set i think it's perfect for someone who wants to strip it down at a point in ones set. also they can use it as a foundation to add more and more layers to make a particular part of the set to make it completely crazy. ”
Troy Pierce - Minus: “wow.. sick tracks.. really like a lot. ” [djsupport from ]
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