12" Vinyl D

Internasjonal / INT002

Front View : Windsurf - FUTURE WARRIORS - Internasjonal / INT002
Back View : Windsurf - FUTURE WARRIORS - Internasjonal / INT002

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A joint effort between Prins Thomas and Word And Sound- The idea behind the label is to put out good music and not limiting ourselves to stick with a specific genre, instead opting to stay fresh and individual with each release going in every direction we feel. We re gonna be highlighting new talent, re-releasing some lesser known nuggets and certainly give you some dancefloor killers along the way to. From japanese techno to California kraut : ) just the way we like it... second release up is a taste of what s to come later in 2008 when we drop Windsurfs debut album. these 4 tracks where initially planned for release on Sentrall but where for some strange reason scrapped and made available as mp3 only. too sad as this is some of the finest heady downbeat electronic music to appear in the current baleric,cosmic blah blah blah call it what you want scene. windsurf consists of 1 part Sorcerer and 1 part Hatchback, both has records out on Tirk and Thisisnotanexit respectively and they ve also managed to deliever killer reworks of LCD Soundsystem and Shawn Lee s Ping Pong Orchestra(to be unleashed early 2008). crafting their own musical universeout of layers and layers of guitars and synths, never going for the obvious... well, Im not gonna spend more time trying to convince you, check it out at in appropriate link here f.ex....)

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