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12" Vinyl D 23.04.19
vier geheime waffen für die nacht wäre sicher auch ein passender titel für katalognummer 11 aus dem hause polyfon gewesen. doch das erscheint den stets angenehm zurückhaltenden label-aktivisten aus thüringens mini metropole erfurt vielleicht ein ganz klein wenig zu dick aufgetragen.
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12" Vinyl D 02.05.17
while david moufang, also known as move d, certainly needs no introduction, the label polyfon remained a tip for insiders. it might seem like a long shot, but thats probably what led to the fact that the paths of david moufang and wolfram both one of the polyfon founders crossed a few years back. the erfurt located imprint was mostly recognized for its underdog releases from berlin-based tomtomgroove (the funkman), steffen baldo aka ugly drums from cologne (basement amusement park, the next room) and even workshops mastermind lowtec who released his critically acclaimed angstrom ep with the thuringian label.
PF 010 ltd.
Polyfon Records
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