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cd D 09.05.16
friedrich goldmann would have turned 75. macro is celebrating the composers anniversary with a luxury box set cd edition of the complete trios of 1986 - 2004 and his singular oboe quartet (2000). two of the recordings were produced by goldmann himself, and all feature musicians with a long-term working relationship related to and deep expertise of the composers oeuvre such as ingo goritzki, björn lehmann, members of ensemble mosaik and knm ensemble. the cd is accompanied by a 48 page booklet, featuring extensive essays by björn gottstein (artistic director of donaueschingen music days) and musicologist bruno santos, exploring goldmann’s groundbreaking aesthetics.
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cd D 30.05.11
in a world of crossover and remixes, macro is the first electronic music label to release a cd of pure original works of a contemporary classical / avant-garde composer. commemorating friedrich goldmanns 70th anniversary, the cd presents four late key works. in addition to the retail version, british magazine the wire will distribute the cd to its subscribers. it is the first time the wire distributes a cd by a single german composer. being confronted with dull new ambient and unsatisfying classical/electronic >crossover<, theres a whole new generation ready to experience relevant, deep music away from 4/4 functionality and aesthetic shortcuts. it is just about time to overcome the substitutes and go for the deep end. thus goldmanns music with its clarity, inventiveness and deep appeal becomes increasingly more relevant for the electronic community. friedrich goldmann, who passed away in 2009, was one of germanys most distinct composers. his works were commissioned and performed by leading interpreters, including the berliner philharmoniker, pierre boulez, ensemble modern, arditti quartet and daniel barenboim. his music is not only heard at concert halls and festivals worldwide, but was also commissioned for major events like expo 2000 and the 20th anniversary celebration of the fall of the berlin wall at the brandenburg gate. as a conductor he has recorded cds with the works of stockhausen, henze and rihm. friedrich goldmann was also the academy professor who taught paul frick – now successful with brandt brauer frick in performing techno with the means of a classical ensemble. he is also the father of macros founder stefan goldmann. he therefore had influence on two key figures of experimentation at the intersections of classical and electronic music (which may hint at why an electronic music label releases this album).
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