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12" Vinyl D 04.12.17
it s quite some years after starburst , the first record on internasjonal the japanese duo traks boys, consisting of kawasaki based producers and djs crystal and k404 did for us. but a short 7 years down the road the magic is still there. be with you and weekend lights are mesmerizing, sparkling with creativity and beauty. be with you is modern disco cut up of the finest while weekend lights is a hypnotic stringinfected warm groover that we can t get enough of. finally weekend (light) lover and friend of the house axel boman takes it all home in the biggest of ways. reduced with care and then build up again to one the neatest breaks that we heard this year.
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12" Vinyl D 27.09.10
after a recent short n sweet stint on tensnakes mirau imprint irish ex-pat mano le tough reemerges on internasjonal where he first saw the light of the day as a producer with the much acclaimed warhorn. yet even with such a rather small, straightforward discography mano managed to sculpture his unmistakeably very own style fusing the deeper shades of house and techno with a strong melodic sensibility that one would never even get the faintest idea to file it under the mostly bland tech-house genre. oblique boast a perfect effective dramaturgy with slighty spooky broken melody box theme rising out of a thick mist of grinding chords before morphing into a deep acid finale. french gentlemen of distinction and many styles chateau flight toughen up the beats and throw in some african wood percussions and sparse psychedelic dub effects for a superb rhythmically multi-layered rework.
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