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12" Vinyl UK 06.04.16
for our 50th release on delusions of grandeur were pleased to bring you seven exclusive tracks from a mighty-fine collection of both existing dog artists and veritable newcomers alike. part two opens with underground quality key player son of sound who brings a bucketful of attitude on under the son, laying down a rough-edged groove and getting on one with his vintage keys.
Delusions Of Grandeur
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12" Vinyl UK 15.02.11
zepp001 returns to delusions for our first release of 2011 and what a way to start the new year! the seattle based disco obsessive has been holed up in his recently completed studio in delphia (a city located on antarcticas southern shore) and its easy to hear the influence this strange and otherworldly place has had on the two original tracks here on this release
Delusions Of Grandeur
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12" Vinyl UK 24.06.09
delusions hits the spot once again with number 3, this time highlighting the production skills of a certain zepp001. the seattle based disco obsessive has been leaking out high class edits over the years under a dizzying array of deliberately forgettable pseudonyms but feels the time is right to push his original tracks. who better then to make these beauties available for you discerning djs than delusions of grandeur. dont sleep is a dark, brooding groover with throbbing bass, cute cuica fills and intense strings that lalo schifrin would be proud of. a real heavy mood setter and as good an introduction to the sound of zepp001 as you re likely to need. next up we have the mighty revenge in for remix duties on dont sleep. the much hyped master of the edit keeps the vibe of the original well and truly in place but opts for an even more stripped back approach leaving all the space for crisp claps, slowly building strings and bowel wobbling bass. flip over for giraffe, a more upbeat affair where the filtered keys come to the fore and things steer in a hyped up deep house direction. show your luv...
Delusions of Grandeur
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