Yuji Sato/JTT - YUZEN EP 003

Yuji Sato/JTT



YU ZEN / YZ003

Front View : Yuji Sato/JTT - YUZEN EP 003 - YU ZEN / YZ003
Back View : Yuji Sato/JTT - YUZEN EP 003 - YU ZEN / YZ003

Mastered by Kuniyuki Takahashi.

Sales Info:
The A-side is a minimal house track by Japanese artist Yuji Sato, who has released on labels with a strong minimalist flavor,
such as Soblazn Music in Ukraine and What Now Becomes Ltd. which is a sub-label of Sleep Is Commercial in Germany.
This is a DJ tool that has the ability to make the floor dance with concentration. The well-crafted development is highly
A tribal-like b1 with a minimalist composition of electric and thumping tones,
b2 starts out with a disturbing atmosphere and ends without a sense of release until the end.
Both sounds are moderately direct to the brain.
The mastering of this sound was also done by Kuniyuki Takahashi. [info sheet from distr.]
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