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Acid Boom / BOOM002

Front View : X-Plode - THE PSYCHOTRONIC EP - Acid Boom / BOOM002
Back View : X-Plode - THE PSYCHOTRONIC EP - Acid Boom / BOOM002

90s acid sound / Repress

Using his royalties made through his Vinyl Fanatiks and Amen Brother releases, Lee X-Plode bought some new studio equipment and took time out to learn how to use it. When he reappeared some months later he sent me a zip of some insane acid breakbeat tracks, telling me this was the sound he always wanted to create. I was blown away by the quality of the tracks, the energy, the way the music took the listener back to the raves of old. It had everything, and more.

They couldn’t be left on his hard drive, the world needed to hear these tunes, so I set myself a challenge to create a new label that would accommodate this kind of music and to share it with likeminded souls across the planet. So Acid Boom was created, a label that deals with the raw acid vibes!

Acid Boom is a sister label to the Vinyl Fanatiks family. A vehicle to release that early 90’s acid sound that would later morph into rave. High energy 303’s, 808 and 909 drum machines, synced up to rolling breakbeats. Whether music from back in the day or new music that’s been created to emulate that early warehouse sound, Acid Boom is here to take you on a rush.
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