coloured 12" Vinyl D

Discos Atonicos / DATO07

Front View : W1B0 - HERE TO FORE EP (COLOURED VINYL) - Discos Atonicos / DATO07
Back View : W1B0 - HERE TO FORE EP (COLOURED VINYL) - Discos Atonicos / DATO07

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Der niederländischen Künstlers Wibo Lammerts aka W1B0 ist bekannt für seine Killer-Tracks die auf Labels wie Bass Agenda, Blind Allies oder Hilltown Disco veröffentlicht wurden.

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For our seventh reference we are pleased to present a four track bomba EP by another dutch artist: w1b0. Wibo Lammerts is well known for his killer tracks released on labels such as Bass Agenda, Blind Allies or Hilltown Disco and also as a member of the Electro collective Transhumanism.
What we are going to find in “Heretofore EP” with words from w1b0 himself:

A1: Hammer Down Protocol (2014)
“Probably my first attempt to create a different sound, something that would eventually lead to tracks like "Utopia Planitia" and "Zero Meridian". Named after a scene in the movie "Cloverfield"

A2: Fear Tactics (2017)
“I like my electro groovy. Groovy, easy to mix, easy to blend. My sounds isn't very purist. Yeah I do like Drexciya, but I do not try to sound like them. The emphasis of my music making is always to create a nice base-groove, and go from there. I am particularly fond of this track, and very happy and grateful that it's getting a home on this record.”

B1: Same Size Soul (2012)
“Not so much an electro track; I would classify this as a more off-beat affair. Named after something James Hetfield of Metallica says in their documentary "Some Kind Of Monster", after their visit to St Quentin prison.”

B2: A.C.R.O.N.Y.M (Featuring the delicious talents of TFHats) (2018) “A laid back and lush affair. With added string section courtesy of TFHats. Also from Utrecht.” [info sheet from distr.]
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