Vortice Mortale - MEMENTO MORI

Vortice Mortale


12" Vinyl ES

Waste Editions / W07

Front View : Vortice Mortale - MEMENTO MORI (LP) - Waste Editions / W07
Back View : Vortice Mortale - MEMENTO MORI (LP) - Waste Editions / W07

Herbert West ist die Hälfte des dunklen Synthwave-Duos THE HUNT und ein französischer Elektronikproduzent, der stark von den Horror-Soundtracks der 70er und 80er Jahre beeinflusst ist.

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Half of the dark synthwave duo THE HUNT ,Herbert West is a French electronic producer heavily influenced by 70's and 80's horror soundtracks. This artist tends to use vintage, analog and modular synths and It ́s important to point out that he has released with the Hunt two albums through the well-known labels Giallo Disco (2014) and Bordello a Parigi (2018).

Vortice Mortale is his new project in which he mixes space disco and dark synth music.It is clear as water that Herbert West loves Italian horror movies and French disco music of the past decade considering that this work "Memento Mori" is perhaps a perfect combination of powerful beats, enigmatic passages and wicked catchy melodies. [info sheet from distr.]
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