Various Artists - THE ACHROMORPHE


12 Inch

Aconito / ac006ltd

Front View : Various Artists - THE ACHROMORPHE - Aconito / ac006ltd
Back View : Various Artists - THE ACHROMORPHE - Aconito / ac006ltd

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Aconito Records presents a new, limited-edition, vinyl only, collaborative release: The Achromorphe, a unique vision of a bleak, industrial future ruled by mechanical chaos. The record is brought to order with label head nAX_Acids introduction of crackling electricity and mechanical gasps, a beat-less soundscape that reveals a growing chorus of wretched, moaning drones.

Next, nAX works together with Ink to reveal ‘A Jarvik A.X 7.1’, the heart of our dystopian metropolis that sounds out over the suppressed voices of the city. Its twisted pulse is pushed into rhythm with an acid bassline and sleek percussive patterns: gears that grind together under a cloud of radioactive atmosphere.
On the flip, Obtane and Claudio PRC present ‘Antikythera Mechanism’, a joint effort depicting a rampaging, robotic menace. Tracked for ten minutes by a bleeping satellite orbiting overhead, it lets loose an otherworldly roar as it stomps along its destructive path. Midway through, the thing relents for a brief moment… before launching back into a final, triumphant march. Ultimately the bleeps fade away, bringing a mysterious end to the grooves of this vinyl-only journey. [ac006ltd_info from www]
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