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Phonica AM / PHONICAM002

Front View : Subb-An - SYNCHRONICITY EP - Phonica AM / PHONICAM002
Back View : Subb-An - SYNCHRONICITY EP - Phonica AM / PHONICAM002

Release No.2 on Phonica AM from UK minimal legend Subb-An

Hot on the heels of the success of the Phonica AM's debut release, lable curator Luther Vine has un- earthed another rare find. London based Subb-An is no stranger to all manner of Tech and Minimal sounds. He's well known for the high calibre releases on his own One Records and countless seminal releases on lablel far too many to mention. Yet on 'Synchronicity EP' you will discover Subb-An like you've never heard him before. The newly found sound that he explores here with ease and panache is both steeped in 90's history yet with knowledge of modern dancefloors.

The tight and driving opener 'Synchronicity' is sharp as a tack. The relentless kick of the 909 is pep- pered with Acid-tinged synths. A banger by all means, yet due to the eerie sensual vocals the overall feel of the track is positively hypnotic. It is followed by 'Salvia Apiana'. The track evokes the Tribal rites with its gamelan influenced arrangement and superbly inventive use of playful arps. This melodic yet danceable sage scrub is guaranteed to rejuvenate all manner of tiered dancefloors.

The flip side opens with 'Higher Frequency' and travels far beyond the straight forward beatscapes of obvious and mundane. It resonates on mystic frequencies of Techno spectrum but remains infectiously danceable at all times.The closing track of the EP is an understated meditative masterpiece. 'Atlantis' takes bright jubilant semi-tones and sees them timidly burst through the artfully constructed dusty soundframe. The more you listen to it the more you will hear. Pure magic. [info sheet from distr.]
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