Sound Synthesis - MEMORY SEQUENCE

Sound Synthesis


12" ES

Distorted Sensory Perception / DSP003

Front View : Sound Synthesis - MEMORY SEQUENCE - Distorted Sensory Perception / DSP003
Back View : Sound Synthesis - MEMORY SEQUENCE - Distorted Sensory Perception / DSP003

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This EP comes straight with the deeper side of Electro.

Sales Information:
DSP welcomes back the prolific one-man-machine from Malta... Keith Farrugia AKA Sound Synthesis for the first solo EP on the imprint. 'Memory Sequence' Depicts a cerebral journey into the depths of cognitive recall.

The record opens with 'Electric Flux'. Acidic Electro reminiscent of the cold futurism of early Detroit Electro with an informed shift in perspective that pushes things further forward.

The A-side concludes with the mysterious, arp laced 'Melodija'. A heartfelt example of Sound Synthesis' depth and individualism when it comes to the deeper side of Electro.

'A3B0L3' takes things in a more playful direction on the flip. Smooth chords, soulful drum programming and lysergic elements of Keith's futuristic funk leave a vivid impression on the soul.

The final statement on the record 'Melody Chords' Takes us on a ride of self-reflection, emotional depth and melodic distinction. Leaving the mind in a state of profound clarity upon it's resolve. [info sheet from distr.]
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