Sote - 10INCH04

10INCH04 (10 INCH

10 Inch

Repitch / 10INCH04

Front View : Sote - 10INCH04 (10 INCH - Repitch / 10INCH04
Back View : Sote - 10INCH04 (10 INCH - Repitch / 10INCH04

Ltd Repress --- After his comeback album on Morphine in 2014, Sote marks his return to rhythm by taking part in RepitchĂs 10inch series with a banging twotracker extracted from his more than 20 years old unreleased archive. ˘Neuroenhancer÷ produced in 1995 is a heavyduty techno drilling machine, pairing an oldschoolMillslike groove with a throbbing mass of modular synths. On the other side ˘In Music I Trust÷Ăs main engine is an incandescent hardcore/jungle beat, haunted by spacedout vocals in the darkness. The track was produced in 1997 with friend ŠSafarĂ a San Francisco based DJ/Producer, shortly after Sote̓,,,,s initial experiments with Jungle and Drum n Bass pre his Warp EP in 2002.

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