12 Inch

Skynet Cybertronix / SKYNET T.2

Front View : Robotron - TRANSFORMATION EP - Skynet Cybertronix / SKYNET T.2
Back View : Robotron - TRANSFORMATION EP - Skynet Cybertronix / SKYNET T.2

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Dies ist ROBOTRON - ein Cyborg, der für cybersonische Zwecke entwickelt wurde. Er wurde von einer elektrostatischen Explosion getroffen und erlitt ein Technotrauma. Infolgedessen ist seine Programmierung gestört, so dass er sich in LO-FI-Algorhythmen verwandelt.

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This is ROBOTRON – a cyborg designed for cybersonic purposes. He has been hit by an electro-static blast and suffers a technosis trauma. As a result, his programming is disrupted – causing him to transform into LO-FI algo-rhythms. The TRANSFORMATION has just begun by adopting ballistic identities and relearning AI-abilities – to continue his advanced exist-dance of termination. All 4 trax are pressed on 45 RPM to be transformed into a serious SLOW-FI nightmare via 33 RPM. Skynet T.2 is a limited edition of 200 x 12″ vinyl – black or quicksilver. Each record comes equipped with a numbered sheet, a bonus sticker and 50 randomly packed DIN A2 posters – illustrated by Detroit's finest: Alan Oldham (DJ T-1000). WATCH OUT!
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