R.ha.r.f. - PARAPA / SVILUPPO 1



12" Vinyl D

Laterra / LT016

Front View : R.ha.r.f. - PARAPA / SVILUPPO 1 - Laterra / LT016
Back View : R.ha.r.f. - PARAPA / SVILUPPO 1 - Laterra / LT016

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Playfulness, this is it. Take one of the world leading jazz trombone players, Gianluca Petrella. Take one of the brightest emerging talents within the European jazz scene, Gianluca Guidi. Take a mad scientist of percussions, Leonardo Ramadori. Take the flaming club culture charisma of DJ Ralf. Take the mixing and recording studio mastery of Fresco. Let them meet – it’s a bunch of people who are true masters within their own field. And let them play.

Playfulness, just as respectfulness. It's a matter of having fun. Fun that's carefully crafted and never ego-inflated, that is: they respect each other, they respect the music, they respect the flow of the four-to-the-floor. Sure they do. Their aim is always to find the very right balance between playfulness and consistency. Be it the solo voyage of Gianluca Petrella on “Pàrapa”, with a trombone riding through delays and effects and challenging an Ostinato, be it the very serious divertissement “Sviluppo #1”, where stylish and geometric digital minimalism is facing slivers of analogue sounds and a crazy, jazzy, mocking human voice.

This is playfulness This is balance. This is R.Ha.R.F: Rhythm, Harmony, Repetition of Forms. One of the brightest and most unexpected artistic challenges emerging from the crossing boundaries of jazz and techno. [info from dbh]
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