2x12 Inch LP

Dissonant / DS025

Front View : Re-Up - NELCORPO (PART TWO) (2X12 LP) - Dissonant / DS025
Back View : Re-Up - NELCORPO (PART TWO) (2X12 LP) - Dissonant / DS025

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After the sampler gave Dissonants vinyl lovers a taste of the new Re-UP album, this double-disc release showcases the rest of the tracks that make up this immersive, captivating body of work. Its a creative triumph for label and artist alike, following on from four years of mutual admiration since Re-UP first appeared on the label.

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The title track “Nelcorpo” leads in on Side C with its sweeping, mysterious pads swirling around crisp and angular fragments of rhythm, and “Dark tunnel” brings on a tougher beat to catch the dancers unaware while carefully feeding a haunting soul into the track. “Each sense” celebrates mental and physical stimulation with its intricate and seriously funky percussion both surprising and delighting at once, before “Extended” sets out to explore precise, microscopic production detail even as it builds to a spiritual climax. “Gominola” comes to life on a rousing, romantic swell of orchestration, rich in energy and passion without losing that all-important subtlety in Re-UP’s music, while “Tribute” delves into dub-infused techno of the most captivating kind. “Aju paraplu” strides forth with urgency, the quick-ticking beat providing a perfect anchor to the subliminal intricacies of the sound design around, and then finally “Concrethereal” emerges gracefully into a dense and complex arrangement of percussion and melodic chimes that soars away from the dancefloor and into more meditative realms. Balanced perfectly between the cerebral excitement of home-listening electronica and the physical thrill of club-ready house and techno, Re-UP have delivered an album that shows ever more shades to their craft while maintaining their finely honed sonic identity
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