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Shaw Cuts / SC-017

Front View : Quiem - THE SENTIMENTAL SWORDSMAN - Shaw Cuts / SC-017
Back View : Quiem - THE SENTIMENTAL SWORDSMAN - Shaw Cuts / SC-017

With “The Sentimental Swordsman” Farron slips into the role of his ambient moniker Quiem, telling the emotive story of a man who has lost everyone dear to him and seeking to find inward peace, appreciation, a feeling of security, and his capacity for love.

At the beginning of this narration, The Sentimental Swordsman wanders around with no orientation, feels empty and shows his vulnerable side in 'Strayed And Aimless'. A solitary life with a focus on himself and his modest requirements.

But just one mysterious encounter can change it all. 'You Looked So Pretty On My Balcony' describes the presentiment of lightness and a gentle breeze received through the presence of the new acquaintance.

The Sentimental Swordsman still feels insecure on his journey, but he is not alone anymore and he can somehow feel a warm and buoyant glow in his breast. 'Your Singular Courage' underlines the good intentions, harmony and trust slowly building up between them.

>From now on, fights are taken side by side, individual crises are resolved with the mutual support of each other and risks are taken together. A new team has been formed that seems to be unbeatable. This intimate relationship is presented by the vibe of 'My Tiny Engine'.

They are lightheartedly taking steps into an auspicious future together and enjoying each others company. But the enemy doesn't sleep. It slowly grows. Evil bubbles up, it comes silently and attacks sneakily. 'On My Mother's Birthday' describes the wounds resulting from a craven ambush that leaves nothing but pain and pure emptiness. Snatched from this new life. Unwonted silence. Feelings of guilt. Fears of loss. A 'Trauma And Its Clutches'. [info sheet from distr.]
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