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Front View : Popmix - BIG EXCHANGE - Axces Recordings / AXS5
Back View : Popmix - BIG EXCHANGE - Axces Recordings / AXS5

90s inspired soundscape by Popmix from Copenhagen.

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Big Exchange features four distinct tracks tethered in Popmix’s unmistakable universe that is best described as a 90’s-inspired contemporary exploration of a thematic soundscape. Popmix finds balance in quirky, hyper ecstatic themes while rooting himself ultimately in a cultivated, refined skill set. The hard transitions between tracks give space for gratifying escalations into a range of euphoric textures from melodic, acidic basslines to gleeful synths and thrumming drum patterns.

“The record is a product of all the joyfulness in file sharing and youtube diving I’ve done over the years - the jolly computer face on the front cover shows gratitude to those opportunities, and the EP as a whole is an overall ode to that. The way I produce music is like a stream of consciousness leading me to the composition of the track, not unlike an internet plunge into a youtube rabbit hole through genres and moods. I guess this kind of reflects my temper as well,” says Frits.

It’s this spectrum that makes Big Exchange adaptable, elevating the mood of any kind of space - solo listening, late night parties - all the while invoking a sense of nostalgia and familiarity.

About Popmix

Popmix is the moniker of Copenhagen based producer and sound engineer Frits Carøe, who has also released under the alias Wilberforce on the renowned Norwegian trance label, Ute Klubb. With Big Exchange, Frits adds tangible diversity to his musical catalogue, and proves himself to be a producer grounded in a well-defined style we can continue to expect creative music from. [info sheet from distr.]
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