Pianeti Sintetici - ESPLORA I


12 Inch

Hypnus Records / HYPNUS036

Front View : Pianeti Sintetici - ESPLORA I (BLACK 180G VINYL) - Hypnus Records / HYPNUS036
Back View : Pianeti Sintetici - ESPLORA I (BLACK 180G VINYL) - Hypnus Records / HYPNUS036

Davide Perrone (Primal Code) presents his new project Pianeti Sintetici. Comes on classic black 180 gram vinyl in custom cut full colour sleeve.

Pianeti Sintetici ('synthetic planets' in Italian) is a new conceptual project by Davide Perrone (Primal Code) that draws inspiration from the factories of Magrathea, a planet in Douglas Adams' classic space opera The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where artificial planets are manufactured on commission.

'This concept has always fascinated me, and I chose the name to frame a hypothetical future of synthetic worlds, told with sound,' Davide says. 'I like to imagine the howls of creatures inhabiting solar systems outside our own. Rarefied atmospheres, alien sequences, and unfamiliar tonal scales. So, I see Pianeti Sintetici as an open-ended design research project where I can explore these inspirations.'

Esplora I ('explore') is the first record in a trilogy scheduled for release in 2023. It comes wrapped in a custom-cut embossed sleeve adorned with a captivating interpretation by Hypnus' visual artist Gabriella Holmstrom.

Early support from Brando Lupi, Iori, Takaaki Itoh, Unjin, Eric Cloutier, Forest on Stasys, Konduku, and Saphileaum. [info sheet from distr.]
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