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Confused Machines / CM017

Front View : Mule Driver - BLOOD FLOWERS (TAPE / CASSETTE) - Confused Machines / CM017
Back View : Mule Driver - BLOOD FLOWERS (TAPE / CASSETTE) - Confused Machines / CM017

Blood Flowers ist ein Heavy Duty 4-Tracker für die Freaks. Electro, Dungeon Techno, Slinky Acid und Tribal Exkursion - richtig beschädigte Party-Starter für Lowlight-Träume und Albträume. In den letzten 10 Jahren hat Mule Driver spezielle 808-Day-Releases gemacht. Dieses neueste Set ist sein bisher überzeugendstes Werk, das von Idee zu Idee springt, aber eine solide Leitlinie aus Sci-Fi-Schrägheit und kollabierenden Körperbewegungen beibehält.

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Blood flowers are wounded memories that refuse to let go

Blood Flowers is a heavy duty 4 tracker for the freaks. electro, dungeon techno, slinky acid and tribal excursion – properly damaged party starters for lowlight dreams and nightmares. Over the last 10 years, Mule Driver has been making special 808 day releases. This latest set is his most convincing effort to date, jumping from idea to idea but retaining a solid guideline of sci-fi weirdness and collapsing body movements.

on Unnamed War, maddening backward sounds are backed by a jumpy bass line and a heavy electro beat. Blood Flowers brings the hot middle eastern desert wind over tribal war rhythms, covering the poor drummers with burning sand. Those lost souls keep wandering aimlessly over a rumbling bassline in the Tunnels of track 3. Naqoura, the closing track, brings a hazardous grinding feedback, pounding bass drum and sword-like cymbals, topped with Fata-Morgana synth sounds that flicker a glimpse of hope. [info sheet from distr.]
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