Moab Dep - LOST ART EP

Moab Dep


12" Vinyl NL

Heartheartrecords / HTAR0B

Front View : Moab Dep - LOST ART EP - Heartheartrecords / HTAR0B
Back View : Moab Dep - LOST ART EP - Heartheartrecords / HTAR0B

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Second EP in a 5 part series from Moab Dep.

Melodies Of Ancient Beats Depth or Deep, (with Dep also meaning beautiful in iIndonesian) is the meaning of this newly created persona from the artist DemoDc. After many years of experimenting with music making, releasing digital eps and albums, Demo has come to an end of a cycle arriving to a mature state of craftsmanship, ready to deliver his dream onto the vinyl medium.

This is the 2nd ep that continues a volume of a 5 ep project to complete an original album series.

Defining the attributes of the heart. Reclaiming our tribal roots to transcend a distorted reality. Keeping roots of the child, the playfulness especially in a very serious adult world. [info sheet from distr.]
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