Magnetisme Animal - LES BERGERS DU GALETAS

Magnetisme Animal


12" Vinyl FR


Front View : Magnetisme Animal - LES BERGERS DU GALETAS - YGAM / YGAM08
Back View : Magnetisme Animal - LES BERGERS DU GALETAS - YGAM / YGAM08

file under Noise / experimental

Independent record label YGAMpresents "Les Bergers du Galetas", Magnétisme Animal'sdebut EP, in whichtheysharetheirintimateview of society. Formed by brg and Catartsis, the French duo invites the listeners to dive into a journeythrough the density of the modern metropolis. In a time of materialisticfetishism, wheresuperficial occurrences and capitalismrule, the 4-track EP acts in opposition to thesecurrentmatters. However, ratherthantrying to create a contrastingsoniclandscape, Magnétisme Animal use soundsrecorded in theirenvironment to elaboratepiecesthatbear the heavy and freneticindustrialatmosphere of oururbansceneries. All sorts of clangingmetal, steamdischarge, electromagneticstatic noise, train rails frictions, sirens and distant traffic, are combinedwithbreathing, footsteps and vocal humming to create an oddlyindustrial as much as organicsoundscape. The EP starts with a noise trackthatrecallssome of the compositionalprocesses of musique concrète, to thenslowly drifts towardsrhythmicallyorientedpieces. "Être c'est être coincé", withitsponderousbass and distortionwork, appears as a peculiarblending of noise and techno, while "L'Enthousiasme des statues" displays a more traditional and dance floorapproach to rhythm and drums, but stillleavesspace for an uncannysounddecor to unfold. The project ends with "La Toute-Toute", a repetitive ambient trackfilledwithsubtlesounds, where one can wander as spokenwordsunderline a sense of melancholy. "Les Bergers du Galetas" is an unsettlingindustrialtapestry, a strangestudy of noises, thatdepicts the contemporaryfrenzy of the artists' environmentstheyreferred to as the urban jungle. A landscapewhere one is a witness of the disparity of human conditions, wheremind and body coexistwithdifficulty, where one issubject to conformism, where one islost in the smog whilecarried by the masses through the cemented maze [info sheet from distr.]
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