Lucie Antunes - SERGEI

Lucie Antunes


12" Vinyl+cd D

Infine / IF1054LP

Front View : Lucie Antunes - SERGEI (LP+CD INCLUDED) - Infine / IF1054LP
Back View : Lucie Antunes - SERGEI (LP+CD INCLUDED) - Infine / IF1054LP

LP version includes a cardboard CD

Inland is Vanessa Wagner’s continuation of the exploration of the minimalist composers register to complete the solo continuum of the Statea released in 2016 with the Mexican producer Murcof. Inland highlights a set of pieces, mostly rare or unavailable to date (Moondog, Nico Muhly, William Susman, Bryce Dessner, Gavin Bryars...) and some other well known (Philip Glass, Wim Mertens, Michael Nyman) that Vanessa Wagner performs with her classic pianist background and velvet sound.

Lucie Antunes is a French classically trained drummer and percussionist, inspired by the pioneers of minimalism. Her debut album SERGEÏ is a tour de force of eclectic music that leaves the listener amazed, almost hooked up in Lucie’s magnetic spiral of sounds. The eclecticism that pervades SERGEÏ is shown by Lucie ability to create labyrinths of sounds through the use of unconventional instruments such as marimba, vibraphones, celesta, tubular balls, glockenspiel and ondes Martenot.

Sergei is a statement of freedom. The same childish freedom that we run behind and that we desperately seek. Lucie, with SERGEÏ, achieves her freedom and builds on it, the artist that she is with no compromises but only with the determined ambition to break the boundaries, to shake genres and to make the eyes smile.
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