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Running Circle / RNCL006 / 05216341

Front View : Kinkajous - BEING WAVES (LP + MP3) - Running Circle / RNCL006 / 05216341
Back View : Kinkajous - BEING WAVES (LP + MP3) - Running Circle / RNCL006 / 05216341

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The highly anticipated sophomore album from Kinkajous. Pressed on black vinyl, download code included.

Kinkajous return with their highly anticipated new album, ‘Being Waves’. Stretching genre and medium boundaries, it leads listeners to explore their own concepts of reality and perception. The new record marks an evolution from Kinkajous’ acclaimed debut, Hidden Lines (2019, Running Circle). This release, engineered by long-term collaborator Brendan Williams, gives life to a wide aural landscape made up of rich and diverse musical influences. With its blend of acoustic and orchestral instrumentation, analogue synthesis and sampling processes, there is an elaborate yet organic feel to the music that makes Being Waves the five-piece band’s most introspective work to date.

Led by drummer/producer Benoît Parmentier and saxophonist/clarinetist Adrien Cau, Kinkajous have earned a reputation for conjuring up a powerful and cinematic sound, being described by CLASH as “a key part of the British music landscape”. Joined by Jack Doherty (synths), Maria Chiara Argirò (keys) and Andres Castellanos (bass), their live performances are exhilarating yet intimate, reflecting the band’s outstanding musicianship and versatility.

Benoît and Adrien recount Being Waves as being “the result of a deep-dive trying to unfold layers of realities. An attempt to play with our own beliefs, our own illusions”. This motif is present throughout the record, with its intricate orchestration and production techniques that often prompt listeners to question whether what they are hearing is what it appears to be, continuously challenging their perspectives and preconceptions.

‘Being Waves’ traverses broad musical dimensions through carefully crafted soundscapes. With ‘Still (Drifts)’ as the first single, listeners were introduced to the band’s ambitious vision for the record. Its lush textures and energetic pace build to a climactic moment, destined to be performed in large halls. The track explores the themes of self and togetherness; it is about trying to share a story while drifting away from one another and seeing the world through unique and individual sets of eyes. The second single ‘Convolution’ is inspired by the way we relate to the world around us. It moves forward as a unit, although it is composed of pieces that are trying to push away from one another, creating an ever-evolving sense of tension and release. Interwoven with disorienting production and
entangled synths, the ample sax and string lines establish a balance, conjuring highly evocative sound palettes.

‘Being Waves’ travels through multiple realities and touches on ideas of certainty, belief and identity. With alluring couplings between electronic and instrumental sounds, Kinkajous portray fascinating scenes with unique finesse and energy, making the band truly unmatched. [info sheet from distr.]
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