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Soul Notes Recordings / SN1207

Front View : Kastil - BINARY STAR EP (EOMAC REMIX) - Soul Notes Recordings / SN1207
Back View : Kastil - BINARY STAR EP (EOMAC REMIX) - Soul Notes Recordings / SN1207

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Label-owner Kastil continues the Soul Notes imprint with a release that represents the self-reivention process that he is currently experiencing. Emphasizing on advanced synthesis and a more atmospheric approach to his sound, the Basque country native takes one on an intergalactic journey through his current mindset.

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The title track
'Binary Star' is a spacious journey where Kastil subtly blends ferm drums with a mystic pad and unusual drum changes. The effort slowly builds into a otherworldly peak with an original synthline.
For the A2 effort called 'Forest Curtains' Kastil heads into more repetitive territory where the focus lies heavily on drums and FX, some squeeky synth bits set the tone.
On the B side we find a very interesting Binary Star rework from EOMAC (of Lakker fame) who sets a somewhat dark tone which is reminiscent of Garage from a futuristic techno point of view. Not a track to pin down to one genre but definitely an effort that will turn a lot of heads.


Norman Nodge - Proper techno tracks with a courageous rework.

Paul Mac - Eomac mix is the pick for me here. Some definite old UK Electronica vibes coming from this one which can never be a bad thing. [txt from ]
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