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Rambadu / R003

Front View : IVE - NUEOIWO - Rambadu / R003
Back View : IVE - NUEOIWO - Rambadu / R003

An exploration of the worlds within by IVE, including a contribution from Forest On Stasys.

The third release focuses on the worlds we see within.

"IVE" is a wonderful collaboration between a Local sorcerer and Rambadu. During isolation they researched ways to escape reality by traveling inward and explored the connections between our audible and visual perception.

By using the power of our voices we created an Image Visualization Environment that can bring us to many places. "Nue" represents our joy in life, the serene chants help us to cleanse our minds and in "Oiwo" we get lost in space so we can rise back into a world of light.

To support us on this journey we invited Forest On Stasys from Buenos Aires, Argentina for his interpretation. He has worked his magic giving you a warm and groovy feeling while we dance towards freedom.

Even though we live in distant places it is still possible to share and feel each other's energies.

A connection we should never forget exists.

All sleeves are hand-made with love! [info sheet from distr.]
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