Ivan Iacobucci & Stella Fiore - ROCK DA FOZ


12 Inch

Klopfgeist Records / KG-001

Front View : Ivan Iacobucci & Stella Fiore - ROCK DA FOZ - Klopfgeist Records / KG-001
Back View : Ivan Iacobucci & Stella Fiore - ROCK DA FOZ - Klopfgeist Records / KG-001

Ivan Iacobucci & Stella Fiore team up again and present their second discography project, a synthesis of their production research.

The duo picks up the rock rhythms of the track "Close di Door" from Perlon 136 and create a new Ep "Rock da Foz", the first record on their new independent label 'Klopfgeist'.

"Rock da Foz" is a bold declaration of mutual and all-encompassing love that comes to life through the two artists' passion for music.

Their common desire for a fresh and unexpected sound has produced an EP that encapsulates a great musical affinity, while being at the same time the result of their different individual paths. This chemistry is what they also create with each of their b2b DJ sets.

Polyrhythmic, innovative and varied, the courageous EP consists of three tracks. In the first track, 'Rock da Foz', we find distorted guitars that stand in contrast to the sweet and melancholic melodies of the last track "What is inside?". In the middle of the two, 'Brigitte' recalls the elegant Parisian 50s with its vocals, inviting you to dance with each repetition of ref. A small journey, leading the listener into a strongly evocative atmosphere, full of energetic, unexpected sounds.

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