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Front View : His Masters Voice - LOG A CANIS MAJORIS - KCZMRK / KCZLP003
Back View : His Masters Voice - LOG A CANIS MAJORIS - KCZMRK / KCZLP003

Sight set on the star-studded dome s upper layers, interplanetary observer and vibrant atmospherescaper His Master s Voice steps up on KCZMRK with his longed-for debut album, two years after the drop of his breakthrough EP, -Sirius Incident-. Continuing on the path of stellar sound exploration, -Log: Canis Majoris- - referring to the other name of Sirius, first star ever uncovered capable of heltering extraterrestrial life - was conceived and developed as the extended travelogue to HMV s long-haul imaginary journey on the said celestial body.

A further stealthy affair executed with a minute attention to detail, ‘Interim’ ushers the listener into further Basic Channel-compatible dubbed-out depths, as the groove blossoms from the greyish inertia of its first two-thirds onto warmer sonic climates, brought to further dynamic fruition on the following ‘Taurus’, which beams back the vital intensity stacked up in the previous with astonishing shine and emotional impact.

Veering off into the darker side of the world-wide-web’s wall-to-wall paranoia as nurtured by endless flows of contradictory information, ‘The Healer’, with its take-no-prisoner approach to dance architectonics, is a pure-bred club destroyer bound to whip up frenzy no matter the place and time. Bending the album’s momentum towards outerspacey contemplation, ‘Abandon’ shall for its part jerk tears by the dozen both on-and-off the dance floor. Following a converging course, ’60km Distance Call’ reignites the Rephlexian / early Border Community flame with no feigned nostalgia nor any kind of misplaced theatrics, when ‘Shade’ orbits closer to paced-up Italo and high-intensity body music.

A particularly fine mix of prismatic electronica tinged with a palpable post-UK hardcore breaksy lean, ‘Arrival’ crowns HMV’s all-embracing vision in delightfully vivid fashion, before the album’s closer ‘Blossom’ drives us home on a shapely electroid, poetic note, not unlike that of Claro Intelecto or Lusine most refined pieces. Cast off to a remote world of pensive beauty and lively dancing, we hope you enjoy the journey.

All tracks written and produced by His Master’s Voice
Artwork by Pava Wülfert [info sheet from distr.]
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